Welcome to the new forums!


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Hello McBlockers,

After a lot of planning and hard work, today is the grand release of the new McBlocks forums! They are still in Beta, so expect a few bugs & glitches every now and then. If you encounter any issues with these forums, please let us know by filing a Ticket. (Not sure how to open a Ticket? CLICK HERE!)

These new forums come with a lot of new features, the highlight currently being the new Wiki! Major thanks goes to Jon_Geir who helped make that possible.

There is still more to do with these forums, so if you've got any suggestions, post them in Suggestions and Feedback!

We hope you like these forums, if you would like to visit the old forums at any point, go to http://old.mcblocks.net or use the "Old Forums" button on the menu bar.

All the best,